A teacher called Buddha founded Buddhism in India in about 500 B.C. The ball in the center of this sculpture represents Buddha, which means the "Enlightened One" or the "Awakened One". It is a path of spiritual development leading to the insight into the true nature of life. Buddhism has been a dominant religious, cultural and social force in most of Asia.

Christianity originated in the ministry of Jesus. During His lifetime, Jesus preached the gospel, meaning good news that God was coming to earth to be among His people in a special way. Jesus called this special way the Kingdom of God. He warned his listeners to repent their sinful ways to be ready for the approaching Kingdom of God..

Islam is the name given to the religion preached by the profit Mohammed in the A.D. 600's. Mohammed was an Arab born in Mecca about 570. He believed he had been sent to warn and guide his people and to call them to worship God, which is Allah..


Judaism is one of the oldest major religions and was the first religion to teach the belief in one God. Both Christianity and Islam developed from Judaism. The Hebrew bible is what Christian's call the Old Testament. The basic laws and teachings of Judaism come from the Torah, the first five books of the Hebrew Bible.

Most anthropologists agree that mankind originated in one place, probably Africa and then migrated around the world. Advanced technology has started to eliminate the isolation in which racial changes occur...now many scientists believe humankind is moving back towards a single racial type. This sculpture is a male representation of this amalgamation of humanity. Todd named him "Destiny" because he is the destiny of the human race, one he hoped was based on our profound similarities not our superficial differences ..that all humanity, at the deepest level just wants to give and receive love.

Todd found great joy and inspiration in his sculpting. He had a message for the world, and he attempted to convey it through his feelings...his heart through his hands. He wanted to bring a sense of peace to his world through his works.

The four plaques represent various religions...Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism...the images are abstract representations of what early religion has meant to Todd.

On Tuesday, February 1, 2000 at 5:35am Todd Thomas took his own life by jumping from the 14th floor of the New York Plaza Hotel.  Todd was a young artist whose short journey in life ended tragically.  He was a beautiful, gifted, spiritual young man who lived a life of conflict.  Todd had a severe sleeping disorder and over the years was diagnosed as manic-depressive, bi-polar, chemically imbalanced, and even schizophrenic.  The truth is, Todd's illness was never accurately diagnosed.  He tool an assortment of pills until each prescription became ineffective.  In his anguish, Todd lost hope and took his own life.

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